What is Freshcaller? 

What is freshcaller

Freshcaller is a dependable and straightforward cloud-based contact center software that allows businesses to communicate with consumers at a low cost. Freshcaller, which has phone numbers in over 90 countries, will enable clients to set up their contact center in a few simple steps and with no phone hardware. Freshcaller interfaces with various CRM and Helpdesk systems, allowing sales and support teams to collaborate effortlessly. 

Admins may receive real-time insights into their client experience and agent productivity with sophisticated reporting and analytics.

Freshcaller allows agents to accept calls on their PCs, laptops, or phones (including Android and iOS), resulting in a wholly remote but connected contact center.

Admins may add agent licenses, acquire more numbers, add phone credits, and upgrade the price plan as their company needs change. Freshcaller has five price options designed to satisfy a variety of calling demands.

Freshcaller by Freshworks is a genuinely modern and dependable phone system that has earned the trust of over 7000+ clients worldwide.

For whom Freshcaller is useful?

Freshcaller is a Freshworks product, and it is also the phone system that is utilized within Freshworks. In the previous two years, Freshworks has developed as a firm. 

Freshcaller has allowed Freshworks to grow its phone operations from a few to 1500+ users over time.
Freshcaller is utilized by enterprises of various sizes, from one person to 1000+ users. 

Freshcaller is also adaptable and is utilized by companies in several sectors, including eCommerce, Healthcare, Software, Advertising, and Finance, to mention a few 

Top 10 unique Features of Freshcaller 

Top 10 unique features of freshcaller

You will find tons of unique features of freshcaller, but here are the top 10 unique characteristics of Freshcaller. 

Buy Local Phone Numbers

With Freshcaller's local phone numbers, you can set up a call center anywhere globally while maintaining a local presence for your consumers.

By purchasing a local phone number, you demonstrate to your user base that you care enough to develop a regional brand while still allowing your employees to operate from anywhere in the world. 

If you wish to keep your current phone numbers, we will assist you in porting them into Freshcaller. Freshcaller is your year-round call center solution.

Buy A Toll-free Number

A toll-free number is one that customers may call without incurring any charges. The expense of all incoming and outgoing calls is borne by the company. Buy toll-free numbers from around the world, making it easier for your customers to contact you. 

Toll-free numbers are used to get people to call a company since they do not have to worry about paying call expenses. 

These toll-free numbers will help in growing your business.

Cloud-based Voicemail 

Cloud-based Voicemail
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A cloud-based voicemail system, also known as virtual voicemail, is a voicemail system that does not require telephony gear to function. This is feasible because it is either hosted in the cloud or is part of a cloud-based phone system or PBX.

A developing company cannot afford to miss out on incoming calls. A missed call might be from a high-intent prospect or an irritated client. So, what are you going to do about the phone calls that your staff cannot answer? 

The solution is straightforward. You may provide your callers with the option of leaving a voicemail message and returning their call. Similarly, you may utilize voicemail routing to record calls received after hours.

Shared Call Appearance 

A feature of modern phone systems that allow users to assign a single phone number to numerous devices/lines is the shared call appearance. With several lines in one number, your callers can dial your central line, and whoever is available will be able to answer the phone and resolve the issue.  

When a call is received on a shared phone line number, all devices connected to that number begin to ring. Any agent that is free/available can answer the phone. An agent can also take calls on other extensions or place calls on hold so that another agent can pick them up on another device linked to that number.

What is the cost of setting up a shared call appearance?

To set up shared calls, you can buy or port in numbers. Freshcaller allows you to purchase phone numbers for as little as $1. You can port numbers in the United States for free and from other nations for a nominal charge. After setting up the numbers, you can set up shared calls by adding agents to the appropriate call queues.

Freshcaller Mobile App

Your agents no longer need to be tied down to a workstation to cater to clients, thanks to the Freshcaller mobile app for Android and iOS. Agents may use the call center app to initiate and receive calls, write and transfer notes, access call logs, and see call summaries while on the move.

Freshcaller Voice Bot

The voice bot is powered by Freddy AI, and this bot helps customers get quick answers for their choirs. Customers prefer to discover solutions within the first few minutes of contact rather than wait in line to speak with a live person.

Freshcaller's voice bot answers client questions about password resets, account activation, and even the nation's president.

With call deflection, Voicebot delivers round-the-clock client assistance. Customers' issues are answered on time, and your staff has more time to focus on critical needs that require human interaction and more than premade responses.

ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) Phone system

An effective ACD phone system guarantees that your calls are routed to the appropriate employees as quickly as feasible. Customers will be happy as a result, and you will have fewer escalations to deal with. As a result, you will have more time to focus on the operations of your call center.

With Freshcaller's ACD and IVR features, you can make the best use of your agents. You may be confident that your calls will be directed to the appropriate teams. As a result, your staff will spend less time moving or dealing with irrelevant calls and more time attending calls that are relevant to their expertise.

Automation Routing

Freshcaller's routing automation may be used to establish custom routing rules based on data in your CRM or Helpdesk. 

Link your phone system to your helpdesk or CRM. Make use of the available data to develop custom routing rules.

This automation routing will help you in preventing your customers from waiting. Improve customer satisfaction by promptly routing callers to the appropriate employees.


The Freshcaller dashboard's built-in reports assist phone team leaders in analyzing the overall health of the call/contact center. It is simpler to identify call and volume patterns, allowing you to devise and implement corrective steps to maintain an exceptional client experience. 

Freshcaller analysis
Source: freshcaller

Teams catering to different use cases and based in other geographic locations usually demonstrate varying levels of performance. When running a contact center for your company, constantly check for abnormalities in team data and make necessary adjustments to your procedures.

The quality of your interactions directly influences your negotiations, resolutions, hiring, and so on. Understanding the frequency of call transfers, wait time, average conversation time, and other metrics helps you to identify areas for improvement readily. You may also use your phone system's live call monitoring functionality to do frequent quality checks.

Call Recording 

Call recording gives more insight into the performance of your phone staff. It provides you with information on the quality of your client interactions. You may listen to recordings, train your support agents to assist clients better, or offer successful selling ideas to your sales 

Call records are crucial in numerous businesses, including banking and insurance. Before recording a phone call in some areas, you must obtain a specific agreement from the consumer. A well-equipped call recording system can assist you in adhering to legal requirements.

Knowing your caller's background may substantially improve their experience. Your sales staff can catch up on little information from previous talks and wow prospects. Your support employees will be more knowledgeable about previous difficulties and will provide better customer care.

What are Freshcaller Pricing & Plans? 

What are Freshcaller Pricing & Plans?
Source: Freshcaller

In Freshcaller, you will get five plans
  1. Sprout (Free)
  2. Blossom ($15/month)
  3. Garden ($29/month)
  4. Estate ($45/month)
  5. Forest ($69/month)

Sprout (for start-ups)

The Sprout plan is a free plan which can be helpful for new start-ups. You can buy local numbers & Toll-free numbers (Call and number charges are applicable). You will also get Inbound Caller ID, Desktop Notifications, Call Notes, Custom Greetings Call Metrics.

Blossom (Best for the small team)

Blossom plan
Source: freshcaller

The blossom plan is the best plan for small teams. It will cost you around $15 (Rs 999). It will give you 1000 incoming mins/month ( It only applies to local incoming calls in the US, UK, EUR, Canada &  ANZ. Once the free minutes are exhausted, a $0.013/min flat rate will be applicable). 

This plan also includes Number portering (charges applicable), Basic call queues, Wait for queues (wait time 10mins/20 people), Voicemail (charges applicable), Warm transfer, Call recording (charges applicable), Pre-builts reports.

Garden (Best for growing teams) 

Garden plan
Source: freshcaller

The Garden plan is the best plan for growing teams. The Garden price costs around $29 (Rs 1,999). The Garden plans include everything which is included in the Blossom plan. Still, also it has Free 2000 incoming mins/month (Applies only on local incoming calls of US, UK, Canada, EU & ANZ. Once the free minutes are exhausted, $0.013/min flat rate will be applicable). 

It also gives you Call Monitoring, Pause Recordings, IVR (Phone Trees), Advanced Call Queues (Queues size 20/10mins), Custom Reports, Call Conferencing, Bring Your Own Carrie, SIP Connections, Agent, Extensions, Call Tagging, Smart Escalations.

Estate (Best for large teams)

Estate plan
Source: freshcaller

Estate plan is the best plan for large teams. The Estate price costs around $45 (Rs 3,299)The Estate plan includes everything which is included in the estate plan, but also it has Free 3000 incoming mins/month (Applies only on local incoming calls of US, UK, Canada, EU & ANZ. 

Once the free minutes are exhausted, a $0.013/min flat rate will be applicable). Holiday Routing, Advanced Call Metrics, Call Barging, Call Center Agent Statuses, Call Recording Opt-out, Agent Availability Report, Queue Callback (Virtual Hold), Routing Automation, Power Dialer, Call Lifecycle.

Forest (Made for Enterprises)

Forest plan
Source: freshcaller

The Forest Plan is the best plan for Enterprises. The Forest price costs around 
$69 (Rs 4,999). This plan includes all features of the Estate plan. Still, also it has free 5000 incoming min/month (Applies only on local incoming calls of US, UK, Canada, EU & ANZ. Once the free minutes are exhausted, $0.013/min flat rate will be applicable). 

Omnichannel Routing (Available with Freshdesk), Speech Enabled IVR (Phone Trees) FREDDY, Voicebot FREDDY, Abandoned Call Metrics, Service Level Monitoring, Includes 5000 bot sessions/month.

How to Sign Up with Freshcaller?

1. When you sign up for a Freshcaller account using a valid email address, you will get an email with instructions on how to activate your account?

2. In your email, click the activation link.

3. Set a password for your account and then click Activate your account. You can also use your Google account to sign in.

4. You may now log in to your Freshcaller account. The email address used to sign up is generally included in the account URL. Remember to save the URL.

How is Freshcaller support?

How is Freshcaller support?
Source: freshcaller

Freshcaller, like many VoIP companies, encourages you to conduct some research before contacting them.

Given how critical VoIP demands maybe for some organizations, this can be aggravating. Why do so many VoIP service providers encourage you to troubleshoot your difficulties at their help desk when you may be having trouble interacting with actual, paying customers?

Freshcaller does provide very detailed descriptions of how everything works, and it's worth reading through them if you have the time. The issue is, who has the time? If you have an urgent customer service concern, you can click Help. However, this will once again attempt to direct you to their help documentation.

Freshcaller Call Pricing

Freshcaller allows you to make and receive calls by purchasing phone numbers and call credits.

When you opt to record your calls, you will be charged a fee of USD 0.003/min.

When supervisors and administrators want to monitor/barge phone calls, they must pay USD 0.005 per minute.

When agents add other team members to conference calls, they are charged USD 0.005 per minute.

When agents opt to answer calls on their SIP, they must pay an extra fee of USD 0.005/min.

When you opt to have your voicemails transcribed, you will be charged an extra USD 0.004/min.

When your free local inbound minutes for browser-based calls are depleted, a flat cost of USD 0.013/min will apply. Learn more about free incoming calls by clicking here.

Billing will be completed to the nearest minute. For example, if a call lasts 2 minutes and 45 seconds, it will be charged for 3 minutes. All prices are exclusive of any and all applicable taxes.

Freshcaller Pros and Cons 

Freshcaller Pros and Cons

- Freshcaller Pros 

I appreciate this software since it can evaluate agent performance and analyze call volume weekly and monthly. Furthermore, when communicating with consumers, the sound quality is excellent.

The interface is simple to use, and the dashboard displays the overall status of all calls and inquiries. One of the outstanding characteristics is the use of local phone numbers for calling.

The setup is simple and requires minimal effort. The customer service is outstanding.

The setup and setup of call features were straightforward, and guidance was accessible for difficult areas to grasp.

The phone system simply connects with FreshDesk.

- Freshcaller Cons

The ticket response time is prolonged, and the worst part is that the replies are "we'll take care of the situation, and someone will help you," which never happens.

Call flows aren't remarkably adaptable. You are compelled to adhere to the standard "call center" structure, and the pre-recorded messages are narrated.

When you have a technical problem or a total service outage, it might take DAYS to obtain a response or any actual action to resolve your issue.

When importing a hard line into the system, the procedure may be improved.

Freshcaller's good Competitors

The Contact Center Operations Software options listed below are often compared by users and reviewers to Freshcaller. Contact Center Operations Software is popular technology, and many people are looking for safe, easy-to-manage software solutions that include agent scheduling and assignment, session recording, and mobile SMS. 

Customer service and reporting are other vital aspects to consider while looking for Freshcaller alternatives. We've produced a list of solutions that reviewers voted as the top overall Freshcaller alternatives and rivals, including Talkdesk, 3CX, Aircall, Genesys Cloud CX, Grasshopper and CloudTalk.

1. Talkdesk

Talkdesk is a worldwide customer experience leader for organizations that value their customers. Our rapid pace of innovation and worldwide reach reflect our dedication to ensuring that organizations everywhere can offer better customer experiences across every channel, resulting in increased customer happiness, cost savings, and profitability. 

Talkdesk CX CloudTM is a full-service customer experience solution that combines enterprise scale with consumer ease of use. Talkdesk collaborates with over 1,800 creative businesses worldwide, like IBM, Acxiom, Trivago, and Fujitsu, to provide a new approach to outstanding customer experience.

2. Aircall

Aircall is the preferred cloud-based phone solution for modern businesses. We assist sales and support teams with 3+ users in communicating clearly and effectively by easily integrating with the most common CRM and Helpdesk platforms. 

Admins may immediately add numbers from over 100 countries, scale their workforce based on seasonality and receive comprehensive insights via real-time analytics. Aircall is trusted by over 7000 businesses globally and is available via PC and mobile app. To see Aircall in action, start a risk-free trial.

3. Genesys Cloud CX

Genesys Cloud CXTM simplifies customer connections. The Genesys Cloud CXTM is designed to handle any channel, follows the discussion everywhere, transforming calls, emails, chats, and social comments into a unified dialogue.

4. Cloudtalk

CloudTalk is an easy-to-use cloud-based phone system for sales and support teams. It improves customer experiences and team performance by startups, scale-ups, SMEs, and eCommerce. CloudTalk offers more than 50 sophisticated calling capabilities to do this.
CloudTalk enables organizations to provide first-class client experiences, resulting in profit growth, through seamless connection with favorite technologies (such as CRM, Helpdesk, or e-commerce platforms, etc.). Cloudtalk is utilized by over 1000 satisfied clients from organisations such as DHL, Electronic Star, and Kärcher.

5. Justcall

JustCall is a cloud-based phone solution designed for sales, support, and reporting teams. It enables you to set up a call center for your sales team and a contact center for your support team. JustCall has a variety of process automation capabilities for SMS and phone calls in addition to corporate phone system functions. JustCall now connects natively with over 40 different business tools (CRM, Helpdesk, etc.).


What are the benefits of using Local Phone Numbers by freshcaller?
Increases your local presence
Helps in Advertisement
Mask your number
Make it easy to reach your company
It makes customers more approachable

What are the benefits of using the toll-free number from freshcaller?
It makes it easier for your consumers to contact you
Increases sales
Increase your global presence

What are the benefits of Using the Freshcaller voicemail feature?
customize voicemail greetings
Access voicemail transcriptions
Automate voicemail drop

What are the benefits of the Freshcaller mobile app?
Allow agents to manage calls while on the move
Improve teamwork with teammates
Mobile shortcuts might help you be more productive

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