Marketing automation is the use of technologies to automate marketing tasks. Many marketing teams automate routine operations like email marketing, social media automation, and even ad campaigns, not just for efficiency but also to create a more customized experience for their consumers. Marketing automation technology facilitates these processes. 

In the market, you will find various marketing software with varieties of plans, pricing, features & pros, and cons in that software. 

But today, we are talking about a fantastic marketing software known as freshmarketer. As the name itself says, it is the full-featured marketing automation tool in the Freshworks ecosystem. 

Freshmarketer is designed to be a stand-alone yet powerful marketing automation solution, but it also interacts easily with FreshdeskFreshworks CRM, and Freshservice.

Freshmarketer has all of the features you'd expect from a marketing automation solution. It has a comprehensive feature set that includes everything from email marketing to dynamic forms and landing pages to lead scoring and customer path mapping.

What is Freshmarketer? And how it works?

Freshmarketers is a good match for marketers that need to execute on essential marketing demands, including lead generation and scoring, auto-responding, dynamic form capture, and triggered lead path development.

It allows for connection with content management systems (CMS), but it does not include its blog-building functionality. As a result, users will have to manage their material using a standard CMS, such as WordPress.

Given its position within the larger Freshworks ecosystem, Freshmarketer is a logical pick for anyone who uses other Freshworks products to extend marketing capabilities.

Freshmarketer's Key feature

The capabilities of Freshmarketer help marketing teams throughout the customer's lifetime. It offers cross-functional solutions to ensure that the teams work together to achieve common objectives, from marketing to sales. 

This offers visibility into lead activity as well as other critical performance metrics.

Here's an in-depth look at the key elements that make up Freshmarketer.

Freshmarketer features

Lead management

The basis for marketing automation solutions is lead management systems. Freshmarketer offers everything you need to manage contacts, prospects, leads, and customers in one place.

To collect information and enter it into the system automatically, you can utilize online and offline forms, emailing details, and other commitments. Freshmarketer also allows customers to add custom fields for offline input, allowing them to monitor any particular needs.

Lead scoring systems use all of these inputs to qualify and score leads depending on their quality, allowing you to prioritize outreach and follow tips as they go through your marketing and sales funnels.

Email marketing

Email automation is a must-have component of every modern marketing plan. Freshmarketer provides a plethora of tools for developing, testing, sending, and optimizing high-quality marketing emails.

Choose from tonnes of e-mail templates that were produced before or make your own using the easy drag and drop email function Object() { [native code] } from Freshmarketer. Without any design or coding knowledge, you may quickly generate personalized emails.

Set up standard automation for emails like welcome, birthday, and cart abandonment. You may also build highly customized automation using triggered emails to personalize lead engagement with the correct messaging at the right time. And, using powerful analytics and reporting tools, maintain a careful check on all campaigns and email triggers.

Landing page & Custom form
Landing page & Custom form
Source: freshmarketer

Freshmarketer, like the email builder, allows you to create landing pages and custom forms. You may select from a massive library of current landing page templates and form fields, or you can use the drag-and-drop builder to construct your unique assets.

You can build different triggers on your forms so that your lead can be engaged as soon as possible after conversion. Send a welcome email to first-time visitors or a “thank you for joining” email to newsletter subscribers, for example.

Forms contain comprehensive reporting and analysis tools to ensure they are built properly, such as hesitation time, form abandonment, drop-off rate, time spent filling the state, and more.


Many previously described features, such as the triggered trip builder, include personalization possibilities that run automatically. However, the system also provides one-of-a-kind customization options to maximize communications.

Freshmarketer enables you to run experiments centered on various tailored experiences for specific groups and audiences.

You may create bespoke marketing materials for specific audiences, such as unique landing pages with industry-specific text or emails with discount coupons for price-sensitive consumers.

Analytics and attribution

Freshmarketer's numerous features include in-depth analytics. These reporting tools allow you to go beyond standard analytics to discover the minute nuances that are helping or hurting your efforts.

Analytics and attribution
Sources: freshmarketer

Email performance triggered pathways and conversion strategies are critical areas of investigation. All of these factors work together to produce a comprehensive report on campaign and individual asset performance.

Using the known prospect, lead, or customer data, you may analyze this performance study to find operational insights into particular audience groups, locations, times of day, etc. You can also link conversions and sales to genuine ROI for your marketing efforts by monitoring the trip summary.

Pros and cons of using Freshmarketer

Following are some pros & cons of using freshmarketer


With freshsales, the user will have access to new options for evaluating potential clients. Freshsales offers good communication and is highly recommended for handling sales possibilities.

The integration of freshsales with our helpdesk is our favorite feature (Freshdesk). The synchronization of activities allows us to track any problems our consumers have encountered with our goods.

Freshsales does a fantastic job of providing you with a tool to monitor your sales funnel, and what makes it even better is that it integrates effortlessly with your help desk.

The personalization and A/B testing tools are pretty strong, and the customer service is outstanding.


The personalization and A/B testing tools are pretty strong, and the customer service is outstanding. You can pretty much ignore its cons because of its excellent quality.

Freshmarketer provides a powerful but user-friendly marketing automation system. All tools appear on the main page, providing a single entry point to begin any activity.

This might make the system feel overwhelming at first, but after ramping up onboarding, there is a significant convenience advantage to having all functions in one location.

For quick and easy usage, all of the creative and design components use pre-built templates. To get the most out of the heat-mapping tools, it appears that considerable tweaking and further knowledge are required.

When you consider Freshmarketer's flawless integration inside the broader Freshworks ecosystem, it truly shines.

Plans and pricing of Freshmarketer

With extra features and a sliding contact scale, Freshmarketer provides three levels of prices. It provides a 21-day free trial so that you may evaluate the solution regardless of your payment tier. 

The Sprout option is the initial tier, a perpetually free option with 500 contacts and a significantly reduced feature set. It is basically an email management application.

The Garden price tier is Freshmarketer's second tier. It costs $49 per month (if paid annually) for 1,000 contacts and $309 per month for 25,000 contacts.

Prices for additional contacts can be negotiated. Although it's far more complete than the free option, webhooks, conduct analysis, and a devoted account manager are unavailable for the Garden range.

The Estate pricing tier is Freshmarketer's ultimate pricing tier. It costs $99 per month (if paid annually) for 1,000 contacts and $539 per month for 25,000 contacts. For moreover 25,000 contacts, rates are flexible once again. The Estate offering gives you access to the whole Freshmarketer playbook.

Freshmarketer support 

Freshmarketer assists in a variety of ways. Users have access to an online ticketing system, as well as phone and email assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week, as well as a comprehensive document knowledge base.

The knowledge base provides an in-depth look into around 20 subjects and features with varied written information and explanations.

What are the benefits of using Freshmarketer?

There are tons of benefits of using freshmarketer software. Freshmarketer offers a comprehensive and beneficial feature set at a reasonable price, making complicated, more mature marketing automation systems accessible to every organization.

The solution set is comparable to competitors' marketing automation and includes user experience analysis tools such as heat mapping and session replay.

All these advantages make Freshmarketer an essential consideration for all companies, but in combination with the benefits of integration of Freshmarketer into the broader Freshworks ecosystem, the edges are enormous.

Alternatives of freshmarketer

1. Smartlook

Smartlook is a qualitative analytics solution for websites and mobile applications that have assisted over 280,000 organizations of all sizes and sectors in answering the "whys" of their users' activities. Get rid of the guessing and find genuine, actionable causes.

2. Instapage 

Instapage is the most popular platform for creating landing pages. It assists digital marketers in increasing advertising conversions and Returns on Ad Spend (ROAS) by offering hyper-relevant ad-to-page experiences on a previously unimaginable scale.

3. Mouseflow 

Mouseflow is a behavior analytics tool used to optimize website experiences by over 165.000 digital marketing, UX, product, startup, and enterprise clients.

4. FullStory

FullStory is a trusted Digital Experience Intelligence (DXI) platform that combines deep analytics, extensive session information, and collaborative capabilities to assist in answering questions, understanding challenges, and uncovering possibilities on web and mobile properties—and then putting that knowledge to use.

5. Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg has assisted hundreds of thousands of website owners in paying attention to every website visitor to maximize the value of every website visit. You get access to 5 distinct types of heatmaps, a visitor recording/session replay tool, A/B testing, and surveys, giving you the entire package to improve your business by enhancing your user experience.


What is a freshmarketer?
Freshmarketers is a good match for marketers that need to execute on essential marketing demands, including lead generation and scoring, auto-responding, dynamic form capture, and triggered lead path development.

Does freshmarketer offer a free trial?
Yes, Freshmarketer provides a 21-day free trial for new customers, as well as a "free forever" option with a 500-contact limit and limited to email marketing features solely.


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