Next-Generation Customer Engagement Platform- Freshworks CRM Review {2021}

How Freshworks Helps in CRM?

Freshworks CRM review

Freshworks Inc is a platform that allows small and medium-sized businesses to serve consumers via e-mail, phone, internet, and social media. For customer assistance, the company provides multi-product support, a knowledge base, a self-service portal, community forums, and tools to use mainstream social media. 

Freshworks CRM, built on the next-generation customer interaction platform, assists in breaking down corporate barriers and delivering personalized experiences across marketing and sales. 

The AI-powered CRM helps sales and marketing professionals to gain a deeper understanding of their customers by providing the appropriate customer insights at the right time across all touch-points. This CRM is an all-in-one system that combines salesforce automation, marketing automation, chat, and phone

Freshworks CRM Sales Cloud is an all-in-one solution for sales teams to generate quality leads, engage in contextual conversations, drive transactions with AI-powered insights, and nurture customer relationships. 

The Sales Cloud, with built-in email, phone, chat, and telephony, gives sales teams more time to sell by automating the sales process and increasing efficiency and productivity in their everyday operations. 

Salespeople may use Freddy AI to gain insights on the best offers to pursue and actions to take, as well as predict income using sales forecasting. With Freshworks CRM Sales Cloud, businesses can take the next step toward sophisticated pipeline management.

How Freshworks CRM In Marketing?

Freshworks CRM Marketing Cloud
enables marketing teams to provide highly customised customer experiences at every touch-point across their client's lifetime. 
Gain insights about your target audience's behavior and engagement to build one-of-a-kind buying experiences. 

You may use AI chatbots to automate discussions with website visitors, segment contacts into lists, generate targeted personalised email marketing, automate your journeys, and nurture customers to keep returning. 

With Marketing Cloud's sophisticated campaign analytics, you can gather data on opens, clicks, and reactions to increase engagement and produce quality leads for sales teams.

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Freshworks CRM Customer-for-Life Cloud is an all-in-one solution for improving the relationship between marketing and sales. It combines salesforce automation, marketing automation, chat, and telecommunications to manage customer information and engagement in a single spot. Marketing teams have a better grasp of who they are marketing to, and sales teams gain a better understanding of who they are selling to.

Top 3 Freshworks CRM Features

Freshworks CRM, like other CRMs, provides lead management, contacts, deals, and a visible pipeline – the essentials. However, three more aspects distinguish this platform.

Lead Scoring 

Not all sales leads are created equal. Some people are just uninterested in what you have to offer, while others are only a few chats away from being a customer.

Knowing how close you are to a sale determines how you interact with that lead and what strategy you will use, so Freshworks CRM's lead scoring feature — which allows you to rank leads based on their level of engagement — is a valuable prospecting tool that will help you feel more in control of your sales pipeline. 

Visually, it's clear who leads have the most significant scores and, as a result, which you should pay the most attention to.

Team management 

While the basic version does not cover much ground in terms of team management, the more expensive editions include workflow automation, lead assignment, sophisticated reporting, event monitoring, sales objectives, audit logs, and other intense features that can assist a team's sales.


The reports are at the heart of any good CRM program. You can't be a competent salesperson unless you have access to robust reporting tools that show you how well you're doing in terms of lead generation, conversion rate, and other vital metrics.

And Freshworks CRM performs an excellent job at it, with 32 various sorts of reports available, ranging from manual call logs to leads produced this month to email activity reports. They are also created instantaneously utilising the information you enter into the programme, so there is no work to make them.

Freshworks CRM Pricing

Freshworks CRM, like most CRMs, charges a monthly fee based on the number of users. You may pick among four levels, each with a growing number of features, with significant savings if you pay for the entire year in advance. The yearly price will be listed first, followed by the monthly price.  

Freshworks pricings

Free Plan

Free Monthly

  • Contact & Account Management 
  •  Contact Lifecycle Stages 
  •  Built-in Chat, Email, & Phone 
  •  24x5 Support 
  •  Mobile App 

Growth Plan

$15 per Monthly 

  • Everything in Free, plus
  • Visual Sales Pipeline 
  • AI-powered Predictive Contact Scoring 
  • Sales Sequences 
  • Product Catalog 
  • Custom Reports & Dashboards 

Pro Plan

$39 per Monthly

  • Everything in Growth, plus
  • Multiple Sales Pipelines 
  • Time-based Workflows 
  • AI-powered Deal Insights & Next Best Action 
  • Chat Campaigns 
  • WhatsApp Business 

Enterprise Plan

$69 per Monthly

  • Everything in Pro, plus
  • Custom Modules 
  • Auto-profile Enrichment 
  • AI-based Forecasting Insights 
  • Audit Logs 
  • Dedicated Account Manager
Freshworks CRM is an excellent alternative for a small business because the base edition is inexpensive and offers enough functionality for a sales staff to accomplish their tasks.

The hefty penalty for joining up on a month-to-month basis (approximately 50% greater) is a disadvantage. It could be a brilliant idea to start with a month-to-month subscription and then upgrade to an annual contract if you're certain the programme is appropriate for you.

Freshworks CRM Support

Freshworks CRM's website provides self-help resources like FAQs, articles, and explainer films. However, you are not entirely alone. A sales and support phone number and email address may be found at the bottom of the Support page.

I was able to reach a member of the support team relatively quickly after phoning the number. There is also a live chat feature within the program if you wish to get your questions answered that way.

This platform's support offerings are outstanding. Many other systems either do not provide phone assistance or live chat, or they do but at a charge. Freshworks CRM gives it out for free.

And the explanation films are an excellent addition since they prevent you from depending just on articles. The main drawback is that there does not appear to be a Freshworks CRM-specific user forum.

Freshworks Pros and Cons

Pros of using Freshworks

1. There are various advantages, some of them are as follows: - connection with Exchange/Gmail for incoming mail, With a variety of plans to select from, - straightforward and simple to use - an excellent mobile application 

2. The Freshdesk integration, as well as how to view your Pipeline

3. Very simple to put into action. FreshDesk, FreshCaller, and FreshSales are now in use. Excellent integration; everything works well.

4. The features and pricing appealed to us, as did the promise of complete migration help from our old CRM. The things did as planned. 

5. It has increased CRM adoption and provided improved pipeline management.

6. Simple to use, straightforward, and with the flexibility to change templates and interfaces. 

Cons of using Freshworks

1. There aren't many drawbacks. More integrations are something I'd want to see. Especially when it comes to task management (I've been using Todoist for years, and it is simply the most accessible and most straightforward task management software). I am dissatisfied with the level of customer service, although this might be a case of poor luck (I do not require much support).

2. Restricting functionality, We as a firm have SAAS products and one of them, and I can't divide the two in the pipeline, which presents difficulties when filtering.

3. Aside from Outlook and Calendar, there is no connection with Microsoft Office 365. There is no method to sync data to Microsoft Teams, Planner, or other applications.

4. Perhaps not as adaptable as other CRM solutions.

Top 4 Freshworks Alternatives For CRM


VOGSY is a Google Cloud Platform-based professional services automation (PSA) solution. It includes everything a professional services firm needs to simplify and operate its operations from quote to cash.

VOGSY is a natural extension of the G Suite, so you can enjoy the same simplicity of use, dependability, and security while eliminating the trouble, overhead, and cost of outdated systems. 

Executives, managers, and other professionals in sales, finance, operations, and project management benefit from a single collaboration platform that speeds up and simplifies their work.

Maximizer CRM 

Maximixer CRM is a comprehensive customer relationship management (CRM) solution for businesses of all sizes and sectors. This system may be implemented on-premises as well as in the cloud.

Maximizer CRM includes capabilities for sales management, marketing automation, customer care, and support, and company efficiency, as well as connectivity with Microsoft products, including Outlook, Word, Excel, and SharePoint.

The marketing automation component of the system comprises integrated campaign planning, email campaigns, and marketing analytics. Users may target leads and customers, as well as search and filter customer data based on pre-defined criteria, using list management features.


Pipefy is onboarding software that assists HR departments in reducing data entry and manual processes. This solution helps teams automate tasks such as gathering new employee information, sending welcome letters, updating critical HR systems, and performing handoffs to IT and Finance departments.

Businesses may use Pipefy to guarantee that HR staff is efficient, completing all required procedures, and delivering a consistent new hire experience with streamlined communication. Pipefy's pricing is based on a monthly membership. Live chat, videos, tutorials, and an online help center are all available for assistance.

Top Producer

The top producer is a web-based CRM solution designed for Real Estate agents and brokerages. The technology assists agents in personalising follow-up and managing clients from the initial contact through long-term repeats and referrals. Create your CRM with a beautiful website, lead gathering and tracking, customisable landing pages, and free coaching.

Current clients may be serviced with visual workflows, professional email templates, and the simple Follow-up Coach, which works to keep you top-of-mind by recommending touch-points. 

With email marketing technologies, campaigns, and automatic MLS market data, you can cultivate recurring and referral businesses. Social Insights, an automated update for contacts with public profiles that includes photographs, hobbies, locations, and job titles, is one of the new features.


Freshworks CRM provides a wide range of features that can help your team's marketing and sales activities. What distinguishes it is its built-in cloud telephony, which allows you to obtain a business number and make calls straight from the platform. 

Its artificial intelligence assistant automates and improves various activities, including conversations, contact scoring, forecasting, and calendar management. While its higher plans might be pricey, it also provides a free lifetime plan that startups and small enterprises can use as they develop.


What is Freshworks CRM?

Freshworks CRM software simplifies the process of attracting, managing, closing, and nurturing leads for organisations of all sizes.

Which are the unique Features of Freshworks CRM?

1. Customization
2. User, role, and asses management
3. Content management
4. Contact and account management
5. Emai & campaign management automation
6. Customer support portal
7. Call-center features

How many plans are there in Freshworks?

There are four plans SPROUT: Free for Unlimited Users, Growth: $29/user/month billed annually, Pro: $69/user/month billed annually, and Enterprise: $125/user/month - billed annually.

Which are the best Freshworks CRM alternatives?

2. Maximizer CRM
3. Pipefy
4. Top producer

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