If you are running a business and you need more sales, then you need a good amount of customers, and if you have a good amount of customers, then you need a good conversation with your customers.

If you do not provide good customer support, it will be harmful to your business because it will directly affect your sales. For avoiding this colossal loss, you should create a good customer support team.

Do we have any software for interacting with our customers?
Yes, we have a software called Freshchat. 

Now, what is Freshchat & how does this software work?
Freshchat is a messaging platform designed for sales & customer engagement teams to communicate with customers through their e-mails, phone numbers, etc.

What is Freshchat?

Freshchat is a contemporary messaging platform designed for sales and customer engagement teams to communicate with prospects and customers through their website, mobile app, or social sites.

Freshchat, a departure from traditional live-chat, assists organizations and their employees focus on a continuous and context-driven messaging experience. 

Expectations are set and satisfied using features like campaigns, sales bots, integrated self-service, and intelligent message routing, and replies to visitor inquiries are more innovative and faster.

Freshchat is a customer chatting platform designed for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Delight your consumers wherever they are with Freshchat – online, mobile, social, and messengers. 

Freshchat combines current and mature skills to alter your client experience and assist you in scaling your business.

Freshchat is a Freshworks product that is utilized by over 150,000 organizations globally.

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What is the point of Freshchat?

Freshchat is a messaging-first product that prioritizes engagement and assistance. Freshchat provides the following services:
  • Best-in-class chatbots that focus on intent and interaction
  • Proactive, rich media campaigns that segment and target audiences 
  • Intelligent load balancing and routing capabilities
  • A single Freshchat inbox, various conversational channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Apple Business Chat, Line Messenger, Website, In-app, and so on.
  • Seamless app connections
  • A familiar interface and platform capabilities that increase agent productivity threefold.

Freshchat Key Features :

1. IntelliAssign 

Now let us understand it with an example; usually, Ben's boss, Jack, selects incoming chats and distributes them to team members. This is a significant amount of effort! Sam is occasionally overburdened with far too many talks.

This is where IntelliAssign comes into play. Avoid the bother by letting IntelliAssign do the task.

What is IntelliAssign? 

Instead of allocating all discussions, IntelliAssign simply examines the number of current conversations a team member may be assigned to at any one moment, avoiding overload. This balances the conversation burden and links the client with specialists who can answer their questions.

The best part of this feature is Conversations allocated to your team members are balanced so that you won't be overburdened.

2. Learn more about your clients with context pane

Ben has a dream. He wishes to improve his interactions with consumers. Rather than asking customers for more information, he wants to reach out to them proactively. Speaking with a consumer without context is like roller skating without safety gear. Any discussion would be ten times better if you know something about the consumer.

What type of information of customer does the context pane provide?

Profile: It includes the user's name, email address, phone number, IP address, and the dates and times when the first and final message was sent.

User properties: It displays the App ID, Plan name, User role, status for a SaaS firm, and the customer's purchase history, items in the cart, and membership ID for an e-commerce company.

App integrations, such as your Stripe Payment History, Freshsales lead history, or Freshdesk ticket history, may be viewed in your context pane.

The sequence of events is as follows: Track visitors' and users' navigation paths to have more effective discussions with them.

3. Priority inbox

Ben noticed on his way to work that he had not responded to one of his clients. He pulls out her phone and begins frantically searching for the customer.

He eventually opened the conversation after what felt like a lifetime, only to discover that the client was no longer interested and had gone on to a different buyer.

As the name implies, Priority Inbox organizes your conversations in order of priority and assists you in determining which discussions have awaiting answers. 

It allows you to categorize your chats based on the following criteria: first response due, response due, and no response due. It emphasizes the time elapsed since the talks were put on hold.

Conversations of dormant clients can be settled utilizing Auto Determination. You can set the ideal opportunity for auto-settling conversions.

The discussions will be settled naturally inside the time it has been planned. 

This will help your group center around discussions that require their consideration and further develop their usefulness measurements.

4. Conversation view

Whenever there is any festival, the customers will buy presents for their loved ones. At this time, Ben is getting various emails, and he is confused as to which mail he should reply to first. 

Cause each time when he clicks on a mail, that mail is either resolved or is currently handled by other team members. 

Now how to deal with these messy inboxes! The answer is simple

Through Freshchat, you can see all messages under conversation view which are assigned to you  

New – Most ongoing discussions have not been doled out to anybody. 

Appointed to me – Conversations doled out to you. 

All appointed – Conversations doled out to various individuals in your group. 

Settled – All settled discussions by you or by anybody in your group. 

Custom view–Custom perspectives are made to channel discussions. Make your discussion by picking among channels like discussion status, channel name, gatherings, and colleagues. 

Bot Conversations – Conversations at present are being taken care of by the Bot.

5. Canned response 

A canned response is just here to save your precious time amazingly. Where the customers will ask you the same questions again and again, and if you will start responding to them one by one, then that won't be very helpful.

Cause it will consume your maximum time in this activity only, and you cannot focus on any other activity. Through  Canned response, you can set pre-defined responses to common customer questions like 

"What is the pricing plan?"

"What other features will you provide in these plans?"

"Send me your pricing plans?"

Also, you can add Welcome & Thankyou messages.

All this can be assessed and sent by your team members also. This Canned response feature will help you have a high impactful conversation with your customer, and also it will reduce your workload.

6. Co-browsing

Ben is over a call with his customer trying to solve the customer's websites issue. He is guiding the customer through the phone call. This is difficult for both as they are not on the same web page.

"if I can see her screen, then it would be easier for me to fix her problem," Thinks Ben.

Well, if you are facing the same issue and want any solution for this issue, then here's your solution

Co-browsing is a software of fresh chat that can help you provide live, instant, and personalized support to your customers. You just have to request access to your customer’s screens to help them with their queries. 

Increase efficiency to contact your coustomer
Source: Freshchat

There are 2 options you will get:

1. "View only."
2. "View and control."

The View only option will let you view the current screen of your customer, and the “View and Control” option allows you to view and have remote access to your customer’s screen.

Freshchat pricing

In fresh chat, there are 5 plans in which one plan is free. Here is the list of those five freshchat plans. 

1. Sprout plan (free)

You can make your Chatbots answer questions and guide your customers for quicker resolution. Also, you will get Chatbot Analytics which will help you to analyze your chatbots. 

Inbox Views are pre-defined views that will help to stay on top of the conversation. Other features like Topics, Groups, Conversation Labels, Bulk Actions, User Properties, Mobile SDK, WordPress, Freshdesk integration & 10K MUV/account.

2. Blossom plan (Price - 15$)

In the Blossom plan, you will get everything that is in the sprout plan. Business Hours (Global) set up your team working hours to let your customers know your team availability. Offline experience helps your users by allowing them to leave a message when you are not on your working hours. 

Basic Dashboard gives the real-time summary of conversations trends and speed of response Assignment Rules. In Files, you can store files that are shared by customers frequently. 

Priority Inbox, Canned Responses., Private Notes, User Events & Timeline, User Segmentation, FAQs, Conversations Overview Report, Facebook Messenger, Marketplace (App Store), 100K MUV/agent. 

3. Garden plan (Price - 29$)

In this plan, you will get all features that are in the Blossom plan. Also, you will get other features like the auto-resolve feature auto-detects any inactivity in chat and resolve those chats automatically. Also, you will get a team Performance Report through which you can get an idea about your companies teamwork. CSAT Survey & Report. 

Multilingual Support is a feature through which you can support your customer through their native language. other features like WhatsApp Business ADD-ON & 200K MUV/agent

4. Estate plan (Price - 45$)

In this plan, everything which comes in the garden plan will also be. Along with in estate plan, you will get various features like IntelliAssign, Business Hours, Co-Browsing, Live Translate, Advanced Dashboard, Advanced Automations, Agent Availability Report, Apple Business Chat, Roles and Permissions, 300K MUV/agent

5. Forest plan (Price - 69$)

In this plan, everything which comes in the Estate plan will also be. Allowed IPs, Allowed Domain, User Authentication(JWT), 400K MUV/agent. 

Freshchat pros and cons 

Here are some basic pros and cons of freshchat 


Freshchat has been providing best-in-class chatbots that are primarily focused on intent and interaction.

It is pretty proactive, with extensive media efforts to segment and target consumers.

Freshchat is also one of my favorite pieces of software because it integrates well with other apps.


Freshchat is one of the most excellent platforms, but certain aspects still need to be improved before the platform can be considered faultless.

I believe that the automatic system in Freshchat is quite sluggish, and as a result, it does not respond appropriately to all of the needs.

Several Freshchat features are not available for everybody, that can only be used by those who pay higher pricing tier.


This program offers sales teams, customer service tools, and company marketing, including e-commerce, in the target market. Its messaging features are critical for sales teams that need to keep our clients engaged by managing to communicate with them via live chat on websites, mobile apps, and social media. It allows us to concentrate on providing a consistent, goal-oriented communications experience. 

Campaigns, sales pots, built-in self-service, and intelligent phone and message routing are some of the features available. Overall it's a fantastic tool for managing your customers by solving their quires.

Alternatives and competitors of Freshchat 

Freshchat it's not the only Live Chat Software solution. Look at different possibilities and competing options. Many people are looking for sophisticated, productive software solutions with in-app messaging, targeted emails, and a knowledge base. 

Live chat software is a widely used technology, and many people are looking for sophisticated, productive software solutions with in-app messaging, targeted emails, and a skill set.

1. Zendex support suite

The Support Suite enables your company to conduct genuine interactions with consumers while shielding them from behind-the-scenes activity. The Support Suite allows you to communicate with consumers via any channel (email, chat, voice, and even social messaging apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, and more),

2. Intercom

Intercom is a platform for conversational relationships (CRP). You can improve client interactions with Intercom by providing tailored, messenger-based experiences across the customer journey.

3. Drift 

Drift's goal is to provide businesses with a new method to buy from other businesses. Because people don't want to be marketed to, but they do want to talk to someone. Drift established the Conversational Marketing category to address this issue.
It places the consumer at the center of everything a company does, leveraging customization and real-time dialogues to make business purchases more seamless, pleasurable, and human.

4. Birdeye

Birdeye assists businesses in growing by ensuring that their consumers are satisfied. Birdeye is used by over 60,000 businesses every day to generate new leads using Listings, Reviews, and Referrals, convert those leads into customers using Webchat and Appointments and delight those customers using Surveys, Ticketing, and Insights - all in one location. 

Businesses are providing unique customer experiences to over 100 million customers with the Birdeye platform, which includes AI, messaging, and automation capabilities.

5. Crisp

Crisp is the all-in-one multichannel customer care platform that enables businesses to engage with customers or leads who are waiting for assistance in real-time. Crisp is helping organizations through the customer-driven revolution by utilizing conversations to unlock hypergrowth with its rapidly growing collection of solutions.


What is Freshchat?
Freshchat is a contemporary messaging platform designed for sales and customer engagement teams to communicate with prospects and customers.

How many plans are there in Freshchat?
There are a total of 5 plans sprout, blossom, garden, estate, and forest plan.

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