What is Freshdesk? 

Freshdesk is a cloud-based helpdesk system that provides sophisticated customer solutions for care. It brings all of your interactions together in one place. Email, phone, online, chat, and social media, allowing you to handle issues across platforms easily. 

You can also automate workflows, provide simple self-service choices, monitor SLAs, and produce reports Freshdesk is being used. Over 40,000 clients utilize Freshdesk, including Bridgestone, HP, Harvard University, and DHL.

Freshdesk is a ticketing system that helps organizations aggregate all customer dialogues. Automate repetitive tasks in one location to save time until issue resolution by encouraging more cooperation between business divisions and teams

How is Freshdesk useful for CRM?

  • Track and manage all incoming tickets in one place from different channels.
  • Customers can be contacted by email, phone, call, chat, social media, and other messaging applications.
  • As a team, divide, assign, and answer inquiries quicker by collaborating with numerous teams inside your organization.
  • Agent assignment based on expertise, workload, and availability should be automated.
  • Empower clients with a comprehensive knowledge base and self-service portal.
  • Empower clients with a comprehensive knowledge base and self-service portal.
  • Use Freddy's AI and machine learning skills to relieve some of your agents' workload and give clients faster responses without sacrificing quality.
FreshDesk includes tools that allow your customers to help themselves through chatbots, help widgets, community forums, and knowledge-based support agents that can be added and converted into tickets. 

Freddy, the Freshdesk Support Bot, has a 'peasant' - level for Real Estate Forest where members are added to your website or a self-service portal, and you can publish 10 or more knowledge-based articles, 50 articles, or 2,000 seats are available (recommended).

You can also limit the number of tickets a qualified agent can receive so they are not overloaded.

FreshDesk is focused on ensuring that it provides a wide range of features and channels for customer service teams that want to get in touch with users.

Freshdesk offers come in five different plans with cute names, ranging from free ($99 a month) to brokerage bills and billing ($125). At $15 per agent per month, the entry-level plan by FreshDesk is similar to what many other providers offer, while its higher-value plans are slightly more expensive.

The advantage of FreshDesk is how easy it is to provide agents with all the information they need without irritating customers by asking them to explain their problems. FreshDesk discusses features such as enabling instant messaging with team members in the ticcenterntre and moving the call to Slack. 
Conversional services with smart widgets of freshdesk
Source: Freshdesk

FreshDesk gets your staff on their toes on your customer journey from your website to the app with video summaries. We import support tickets and various related data points into FreshDesk. 

Define lifecycle levels based on the account type to ensure that customers stay up-to-date with tasks and warnings. For example, you can set up specific playbooks based on the number of open tickets and assign notifications to the CSM.

FreshDesk provides a powerful suite of tools and modules to grow your customer base and drive continued business growth. Unchain from your helpdesk and make your customers happy with the FreshDesk Android App. 

The FreshDesk Ticket Module gives your agents the tools they need to work on tickets that match their expertise.

FreshDesk allows you to communicate directly with customers. Even if you work with your colleagues on a Microsoft team, you never have to leave the app to update your support ticket in FreshDesk. In situations where your customer prefers to call you directly if you need FreshDesk data, you can pick up the phone.

Top 6 features of Freshdesk you should know

Here you'll find various unique features like Ticketing, Collaboration, Automation, and many more is the list of some fantastic and unique features that Freshdesk has.

1. Ticketing

Custom ticket views and quick actions
Source: Freshdesk

Freshdesk is designed to increase agent productivity and customer response time. Agents can simply keep track of all tickets and collaborate with coworkers to address client concerns quickly. 

Freshdesk can transform customer concerns from any channel into tickets. This ensures that none of your consumer interactions falls between the cracks.

2. Collaboration

Freshdesk has some vital collaboration tools that may help teams work more effectively and deliver better customer service. Agents may bring in coworkers for talks immediately within tickets, and they can keep an eye on them even if another team is working on them. 

Teams can also divide the tasks and work on them simultaneously. To address an issue, support agents sometimes require assistance from other internal teams. On the other hand, Agents waste a lot of time in back-and-forth conversations since they don't have visibility into the work of the other team. 

All context is lost, the resolution is delayed, and your service quality suffers as a result.

3. Increases your team efficiency

Customers are happier when their staff is pleased. Freshdesk is popular among users since it saves them time and eliminates repetitive activities. 

Agents can go through their problems more quickly, switch between channels, and keep a better eye on client issues. 

Admins may use one single platform to streamline team administration and unify reporting across all support channels.

4. Manage your Feild workforce

Reduce your downtime by using A sophisticated Scheduling Dashboard. It saves time and increases production by simplifying scheduling, balancing workloads, and reacting to crises.

Freddy AI can automatically engage with clients, reply to questions, and schedule appointments, saving you time and money by eliminating repeated activities. Also, Live Map View allows you to keep an eye on difficulties in the field and make better decisions when dispatching personnel by enabling you to track your team and service status in real-time.

5. Analytics

Utilize your customer support data with Freshdesk Analytics to create experiences that ‘wow' customers. Take control with curated reports for rapid insights, bespoke reporting to create reports that are specific to your company, and increased shareability for better collaboration. 
Create your own statistics
Source: Freshdesk

Analytics simplifies helpdesk reporting, allowing you to sit back, relax, and collect data! Freshdesk's built-in reports provide you with a complete picture of your support team's performance.

It also gives you the information you need to improve client experiences.

6. Field service

Utilize your customer support data with Freshdesk Analytics to create experiences that ‘wow' customers. Take control with curated reports for rapid insights, bespoke reporting to create reports that are specific to your company, and increased shareability for better collaboration. 

Analytics simplifies helpdesk reporting, allowing you to sit back, relax, and collect data!
Freshdesk's built-in reports provide you with a complete picture of your support team's performance.
It also gives you the information you need to improve client experiences.

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Freshdesk Plans and Pricings

Plans Prices
sprout plan Free
blossom plan $19 agent/month
Garden plan $45 agent/month
Estate plan $69 agent/month
Forest plan $125 agent/month

Pros and Cons of Freshdesk

Everything in this universe has some pros and cons, or we can say advantages and disadvantages. here are the pros and cons of Freshdesk 

Pros ans cons of FreshDesk

Pros of Freshdesk

  • Freshdesk provides a lot of alternatives for dealing with engagement activities that come in from various sources. For example, it is simple to evaluate the engagement levels in different social networks using analytics tables and then develop marketing plans for the networks with the most significant outcomes.
  • Freshdesk offers a high degree of compatibility with customer relationship management solutions, allowing it to integrate sales operations or work with customers via its API, allowing management to be a bit removed from technical support without issues.
  • It is simple to save information about each problem that is solved for our product buyers. If we communicate with them again, the data stored on these interactions is accessible to review their history, allowing us to orientate better the types of solutions that can or cannot be offered to them.
  • Integration with Facebook and other social media applications allows us to stay up to date on what's going on around the globe.
  • The support site provides a one-stop-shop for consumers looking for answers and requesting assistance.
  • Gamification mechanisms convert a tedious customer service job into a pleasurable and entertaining pastime for agents.

Cons of Freshdesk

  • We are confined to utilizing traditional online communication ways to connect with buyers since we cannot use any video call execution-centered technologies. This might be a big issue if the client isn't articulate enough to explain their requirements without visual help.
  • Freshdesk has a role-based work structure that grants varying levels of access to different workers, but this lacks consistency because those employees frequently have trouble accessing information or authenticating themselves on the site.
  • In terms of setting up self-service techniques, it's tough to get our Freshdesk website to transmit client activity data so that we can better understand how their management has progressed, and therefore the source of their difficulties.
  • Client boarding to acquire user accounts isn't always clearly defined.
  • There are many facilities, many of which we didn't utilize, and it would have been good to have more granularity over that to modify our price.

    Freshdesk Support

    Freshdesk support
    Source: Freshdesk

    Freshdesk is all about customer service, so it's no surprise that some of the capabilities offered to consumers are also used on the company's website. 

    There's a knowledge base with a video library, a community forum, and a help widget with suggested articles and a search form, as well as a help widget with recommended articles and a search form.

    There are additional phone numbers to call in the United States, the United Kingdom, India, and Australia and an email address for assistance.

    We needed to contact support right after validating our email since our account URL wasn't functioning, and we weren't thrilled that the first question we were asked was for our account URL, which we'd previously given when we created the ticket.

    Conclusion for Freshdesk Review

    Freshdesk is a simple-to-use online helpdesk software solution that gives you a lot of fine-grained control over every part of the program. The free plan is ideal for small companies that want to get a clear sense of how the app may benefit them before committing to a premium plan. 

    However, specific essential capabilities such as chatbots and social signals are only available on higher-end subscriptions, which are more expensive than those offered by many rivals.

    Freshdesk is likewise geared largely at small to medium-sized enterprises that external service clients, rather than enterprise-level companies with their own IT departments dealing with internal issues.

    Freshdesk Alternatives & Competitors

    Users that require new software features or want to check out various solutions can look into the finest Freshdesk alternatives. Many individuals are looking for high-quality, time-saving software solutions with automatic responses, SLA management, and attachments/screencasts. 

    Email and time tracking are two more key aspects to consider while looking at Freshdesk alternatives. We've prepared a list of Freshdesk alternatives and competitors that reviewers rated as the best overall, including Zendesk Support Suite, Front, HubSpot Service Hub, and Kustomer.

    1. Zendesk support suite

    It isn't easy to give assistance across several channels, but your consumers don't need to know. The Support Suite enables your company to conduct genuine interactions with consumers while shielding them from behind-the-scenes activity. It's smart enough to handle complicated requirements while simple enough to get you up and running quickly. Also, Zendesk is a good competitor of Freshdesk.

    2. Front

    The front is a consumer communication centre that enables businesses to provide personalised care at scale. It combines the ease of use of an email inbox with the automation and reporting capabilities of a CRM. 

    Teammates from various departments may collaborate behind the scenes to send out the best responses faster, keep communications structured across platforms, and retain a human touch. The front is used by over 6,500 organizations to grow consumer communication without sacrificing quality.

    3. Hubspot service hub

    Service Hub centralizes all of your customer service data and channels, allowing you to grow your assistance with automation and self-service. What's the end result? More time to provide proactive customer service that delights, keeps and expands your clientele.

    4. Kustomer

    Kustomer is a first-of-its-kind customer care CRM software designed to manage significant support traffic while enhancing customer service journey experiences. By automating 40% of contacts via self-service, first contact resolution with intelligent routing, and enabling omnichannel experiences between consumers and agents, Kustomer helps companies swiftly handle conversations across all digital channels.
    Kustomer open CRM platform saves money by acting as a single source of truth, organizing and contextualizing data to enable better business operations.

    5. Help scout

    Help Scout scales like any other help desk, but the user experience is more customized, similar to that of email. Help Scout is suitable for businesses of all sizes, but especially those with 11 or more employees. The clutter-free features of Scout keep teams of all sizes on the same page. 

    Help Scout helps your team focus on what matters most to your customers, with best-in-class reporting, an integrated knowledge base, a powerful API and plenty of integrations, and free iOS and Android applications to support clients on the move.


    What is Freshdesk?
    Freshdesk is a cloud-based helpdesk system that provides sophisticated customer solutions for care Freshdesk brings all of your interactions together in one place.

    Top 5 amazing features of Freshdesk?
    Increases your team efficiency
    Field service

    Freshdesk alternatives & competitors
    Zendesk support suite
    Hubspot service hub
    Help scout

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