, founded in 2009, is currently one of the largest peer-to-peer networks for connecting with freelancers with diverse abilities worldwide.
Source: Alamy, a global online freelancing and crowdsourcing marketplace, is now the first stop for anybody looking to hire or become a freelancer.

The marketplace makes it feasible for freelancers to find work and communicate with project owners in the most convenient way imaginable. The marketplace presently has over 16.5 million freelancers and over 8.5 million tasks completed.

In a talk with Matt, he explains his expertise in building one of the world's most popular and profitable Freelancing markets.

What is

What is Freelancing? is the largest global freelancing and crowdfunding website with a diverse range of users and projects. We now have over 16 million registered members from over 247 countries, regions, and territories worldwide. 

More than 8 million tasks in over 850 project categories, including software development, graphic design, marketing and sales, and even astrophysics, have been placed on the site. enables small companies and entrepreneurs to employ freelancers from a worldwide talent pool.

I founded Freelancer after seeing firsthand how quick and easy it was to hire a freelancer online. I needed to perform some data entry and had asked around for help but could not locate anybody to complete the work. It seemed like the ideal job for a university student, and it paid $2000, but no one I knew wanted to do it. 

In desperation, I turned to the internet and discovered GetAFreelancer, where I could submit a project and hire a freelancer. I received many bids in a few days. A freelancer finished the data entry that I had been trying to accomplish for months in only a few days.

Freelancing job
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This event has a lot of promise for me. I concluded that the next big thing is to create an eBay for jobs and services, and Freelancer is precisely that. What inspired me to establish and continue with Freelancer is the chances that come with connecting millions of businesses and professionals from all over the world.

How to Sign Up for and Start Getting Work

3 steps to get started with

#1 Signing up

To begin working at, you must first register for an account. You may use your Facebook account to join up for their platform, or you can use an email and password combination.

Utilising your Facebook profile will provide you immediate access to their site, but registering through email will necessitate a confirmation step on your part (they will send a confirmation link to your email).

To safeguard your privacy, I recommend using an email address and a unique password for this stage. I'm not a fan of sites that require third-party logins, such as Facebook. What if your Facebook account is hacked, or vice versa... what if the platform you've joined up for ( or any other site) is hacked?

It's usually a good idea to keep all of your logins separate using different passwords.

Anyway, you probably don't want or anybody else to have access to your personal information and activity on sites like Facebook.

#2 Making Your Profile

Complete your profile
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You will be required to complete your profile on for security and verification purposes. Having a thorough profile can also improve your chances of landing a job. Your Profile page is also where you will need to specify your specific talents in order to be alerted about suitable opportunities.

A checklist is available on to assist you in creating your profile. I recommend that you follow their recommendations (such as submitting a photo) since this will enhance your reputation and increase your chances of acquiring clients to hire you.

#3 Bidding for projects includes a job search tool. After you've been accepted, you may begin applying for jobs on their marketplace. You apply for employment by bidding on projects, and if a customer approves your bid, you are hired.

Benefits of using

Top 3 benefits of
Using freelancer com has various types of benefits some of them are as follows 

Pragmatic recruitment

Employers may find a diverse selection of freelancers on The platform gives them a way to locate the top talent for a project. They have access to a pool of people that are willing to compete for their services. 

Aside from that, companies can contact potential recruits whose portfolios have piqued their interest. They can do so by chatting with them or giving them a straight personalised offer. This allows them to discover the best candidate for their available contract.

Strong Freelancer Search

Looking for job?
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The search on is designed to assist companies in narrowing down their lists of possibilities. The marketplace's Preferred Freelancer Program has already labelled elite-level employees, providing businesses with crucial and relevant information that may be utilised to select who will receive the job. 

For your convenience, the talent pool has already been sorted to the top suppliers on the marketplace. As a result, you will be able to make the best decisions to assist ensure the success of your project.

Setting Milestones and Getting Paid

Employers value flexibility as well. This is something that is aware of. As a result, the platform provides a feature that enables businesses to tailor employee milestone settings. This tool allows the employer to establish milestones that an employee must meet to be eligible for compensation. This plan aims to protect employers' interests.

Furthermore, ensures that all transactions on the platform are safe and secured. To safeguard all parties involved in transactions, cards and other types of electronic payments are handled with care. Plans & Pricing pricings Details
Here are the plans and pricing of freelancer

1. Free Membership Plan 

The free membership plan on is, of course, free to join and includes essential functions (as discussed above). With their free membership, you may place up to 8 bids every month.

2. Intro Membership Plan 

The intro membership plan on is $0.99 per month. It has more features than its free plan, with the significant advantage being that you get seven more bids every month (15 total).

The following are some of the features:
    • There are 15 bids total (Month)
    • Unlimited Project Bookmarks after unlocking 30 skills
    • Photo for the Cover
    • 1 Highlighted Contest Entry for Free (Month)
    • One free contest entry in a sealed envelope (Month)

3. Basic Membership Plan 

This is $4.95 a month and includes access to the Preferred Freelancer programme.

The following are some of the features:
    • There are 50 bids total (Month)
    • Unlimited Project Bookmarks Preferred 50 Skills Unlock Rewards Custom Cover Photo for Freelancers
    • 3 Highlighted Contest Entries for Free (Month)
    • 12 Contest Entries (Sealed) for Free (Month)
    • Employer Followers: 5

4. Plus Membership Plan

This plan presently comes with a free one-month trial (which may or may not be available at the time you read this review). The regular monthly fee is $9.95, which includes 100 bids (per month) and qualifies you for their Preferred Freelancer programme, much like the basic plan.

When you join this sort of membership, you may also make daily withdrawals from your account.

The following are some of the features:
    • There are 100 bids total (Month)
    • Daily Withdrawal Requests for 80 Skills
    • Preferred Freelancer Eligible Custom Cover Photo Unlock Rewards Unlimited Project Bookmarks
    • 5 Highlighted Contest Entries for Free (Month)
    • 25 Contest Entries (Sealed) for Free (Month)
    • Employer Followers: 10  

5. Professional Membership Plan

The Professional Membership Plan is an enhanced version of's plus plan. It costs $29.95 a month and includes all of the features of Plus plus a lot more (e.g. 300 bids per month).

The following are some of the features of's professional plan:
    • Bids: 300 (Month)
    • Daily Withdrawal Requests of 100 Skills
    • Preferred Freelancer Eligible Custom Cover Photo Unlock Rewards Unlimited Project Bookmarks
    • 15 Highlighted Contest Entries for Free (Month)
    • 75 Contest Entries (Sealed) for Free (Month)
    • Employer Followers: 20
    • External Invoices: 15
    • Project Extenders for Free
    • Sealed Projects for Free
    • Insights from Premium Freelancers
    • Bidding on High-Value Projects

6. Premier Membership Plan

Last but not least, we have the king of membership options, the Premier Membership Plan. The Premier Plan is the most expensive option.

It costs $69.95 a month and includes a variety of benefits, including 700 monthly bids.

The Premier Plan includes the following special features:

    • a total of 700 bids (Month)
    • Daily Withdrawal Requests of 400 Skills
    • Preferred Freelancer Eligible Custom Cover Photo 30 Free Highlighted Contest Entries Unlock Rewards Unlimited Project Bookmarks (Month)
    • 150 Free Contest Entries (Sealed) (Month)
    • Employer Followings are limitless.
    • External Invoicing is not restricted.
    • Project Extenders for Free
    • Sealed Projects for Free
    • Insights from Premium Freelancers
    • NDA Projects for Free
    • Bidding on High-Value Projects

Pros and cons of using

Pros and cons of
Everything has its Pros and cons of using it. Here are some Pros and cons of using

Pros of using

  • The website is simple to use.
  • It's simple to get started with (somewhat less-so to be successful, however).
  • Using on-page chat, it is simple to connect with existing and prospective clients.
  • ACH, PayPal, and other methods of money withdrawal are available.
  • Competency tests allow clients to identify where a freelancer truly excels.

Cons of using

  • False Projects On their website, has a problem with bogus projects. There are a lot of fake projects there, and you can easily get cheated.
  • features automatic bids by freelancers on this website; it is difficult to tell whether or not the freelancer can perform the work.
  • Complex interface: following the progress of your freelancer's work is more complicated than it should be. Tracking does not always operate as it should.
  • Because the mobile app is sluggish and occasionally glitchy, I prefer to utilise the web-based platform (inconvenient for someone who is travelling on business trips a lot).


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In the web freelance industry, Freelancer was and still is a behemoth. The site is excellent in general, but it's a little too greedy when it comes to offering you free stuff or advertising your profile. The freelancer was duped by the unrest and blatant promotion: it is the most popular and inhabited site, but this is precisely what has decreased its true worth for clients. 

However, Freelancer will continue to be one of the most popular freelancing websites as long as individuals are ready to use the cheapest labour to create attractive profiles. If you need a freelancer, we recommend Fiverr because it has many freelancers, and the costs are low.

Alternatives / Competitors of Freelancer

Here is the list of top 5 competitors or alternatives of

1. Upwork

Upwork is the world's largest freelance marketplace, connecting millions of companies with freelancers all over the world. With a solid trust-driven platform that enables organisations and freelancers to work together in innovative ways that unlock their potential, we serve everyone from one-person start-ups to 30% of the Fortune 100.
In 2019, our talent community earned over $2 billion on Upwork across over 8,000 talents, including website and app development, creative and design, customer service, finance and accounting, consulting, and operations.

2. Fiverr is a marketplace where individuals may sell their skills.

3. Skyword360

Content is at the heart of all marketing efforts on the Skyword360 platform. Skyword360 is a platform that ensures that all cross-channel planning, content production, and activation are in line with a company's overarching content strategy and marketing objectives.

4. PeoplePerHour is an online marketplace that connects small companies and freelancers from all over the globe in a safe and secure environment to purchase and sell services.

5. Supersourcing

Outsourcing, which has been around for a decade, entails 20% construction and 80% maintenance; Supersourcing, on the other hand, is 100% pure delight. The next-generation platform is designed to assist businesses of all sizes, from startups to unicorns, in finding the perfect technology partner.

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