In this article, you will get to know about the Top 10 greatest SEMrush Features that you should know about. If you are a digital marketer or an SEO specialist you know what is SEMrush and what type of service this website provides.

But if you don't know about it then in short SEMrush is an SEO tool that helps in finding keywords, Competitor analysis and many more like various other SEO tools for eg. Ahrefs, MOZ, Ubersuggest, etc. 

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You will find many tools for SEO but their information may be correct or maybe not. Through which if you are working as an SEO specialist then your clients will not be satisfied with your work. 

So today in this article we are going to discuss SEMrush which is the best tool for SEO specialists because the information this tool provides is most probably accurate. 

One of the most popular features in the Semrush software package is the Position Tracking tool. You may use the tool to keep track of SERPs and how you rank on them, as well as SERP features. 

You may use this SEO tracker to keep track of certain Geo-locations and device kinds, sort tracking results and data using various settings and filters, identify cannibalization concerns, compare your SEO performance to that of rivals, and export SEO reports. 

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Before Knowing the greatest SEMrush features let's talk about What is SEMrush?

What is SEMrush?

SEMrush is an SEO tool that does keyword research, monitors your competitors' keyword strategies, performs an SEO audit of your blog, searches for backlinking opportunities, and much more.

Digital marketers all around the world rely on SEMrush. It is also utilised by a variety of companies, both large and small. This technology is used by major corporations such as Philips, Forbes, PayPal, Hyatt, and others. SEMrush has approximately 46 million websites and 120 million keywords in its database. which is a huge amount of data. 

It keeps track of a variety of things, including a domain's or landing URL's organic rank in Google's SERPs (search engine results pages), copies of AdWords advertisements and their placements, CPC ads, competition analysis, and more. The most essential thing SEMrush does is assist you with your content marketing.

But, before I go into detail about how the SEO tool accomplishes this, let's talk about content marketing and why it's important.

Now, you had got an idea about what is SEMrush now let's talk about its amazing features that you should know

Top 10 greatest features SEMrush 

10 unknown SEMrush features

1. ZIP Code Hyper-Targeting

It is critical for a local firm to concentrate its SEO efforts in the area where it operates. Online exposure is crucial, and increasingly, proximity plays a big role. As a result, being able to watch and control your search engine performance in a specific region is highly advantageous.

Editor's note: If you're just getting started with local SEO, check out the SEMrush tutorial on What is Local SEO. 

This tool allows you to follow your local SEO performance down to the ZIP Code level, allowing for even more detailed analysis.

As a result, you'll have the most precise data and will be able to focus on the most relevant local queries, attracting more clients while saving time and money.

Create a new project or add a new location to an existing one to test this functionality. Begin typing your postal code or even the name of your street to get a drop-down menu of options.

2. Report on Devices and Locations

Users are becoming more mobile as organisations continue to expand globally. This complicates SEOs' jobs since if you truly want to know how a website is performing, you'll need to track many locations or devices.

That conundrum is precisely what makes the following feature so fantastic.

You may follow your target keywords across up to 10 targetings per Project with a Guru membership – by targeting, meaning the combination of location, device, and language.

You may track target keywords across an unlimited number of targetings in a single Semrush Project if you have a Business subscription.

You have the option of tracking all of the same keywords in your targetings or creating a bespoke list of keywords for each device or location.

3. Competitive Intelligence Report

Check out SEMrush's Competitors Discovery report to discover who is competing for your goal keywords in your target location and on your target device.

You may track all of their rankings alongside your own after you click "Set as rival" for one of these sites.

If you come into a Wikipedia-like behemoth, you can easily ban them with a single click. It's worth noting that you'll receive a suitable list of rivals for each place you choose.

Add as many competitors as you can to your Competitors list. Then, in our Rankings Distribution report, you can see who is winning in the Top 3, Top 10, Top 20, and Top 100 places. 

SEMrush features

You may always return to this report to check if a new firm has outperformed expectations. We are always surprised by talented start-ups and established market players.

This tool's competitor monitoring feature allows you to observe up to 20 competitors at once in a table.

The best aspect about this tool is that you may add or delete competitors at any time and because SEmrush tracks the top 100 results for all keywords, you'll be able to view historical data for any newly added competitors dating back to the start of your campaign.

You can manage your competitors by going to the Competitors Discovery page or choosing "Added competitors" from the settings gear dropdown.

4. Integration with Google Data Studio

In 2019, SEMrush had launched a Semrush and Google Data Studio connection.

Google Data Studio
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You can now use Google Data Studio to upload data from your Position Tracking campaign to a custom report or dashboard (if you have a Business subscription).

Along with all of Google Data Studio's other features, provides you complete creative freedom over how you organise and show your data.

5. Report on Cannibalization

Did you know there's a report dedicated to identifying term cannibalization and preventing it?

This option was added to the tool in May of 2020, and it provides your site with an overall Cannibalization Health score based on the number of instances of pages cannibalising each other that we discovered. 

Among the terms you're watching, you may look at the impacted keywords per page, total anticipated traffic, and the pages most affected by cannibalization.

6. SERP Feature Filtering

Because SERP features change so regularly, it's impossible to know whether or not they affect the domain's click-through rate. Furthermore, the quality of the answers supplied in the snippet has a significant impact on the user's choice to visit the website to "learn more."

Several Google rich results might assist you in attracting attention to your SERP snippet. I'd even go so far as to say they're "must-haves" for mobile SEO tactics, where the size of the screen sometimes means SERP Features are the only way to stay visible.

You can pick SERP Features that will help you acquire traffic and avoid those that do not link to your domain but take up valuable SERP real estate.

7. Report on Featured Snippets

You could have begun with Featured Snippets if you've already gone to Position Tracking to play around with SERP features filters.

A Featured Snippet is one of the most popular SERP elements, and SEMrush included this new report to make it easier to identify your low-hanging fruit.

So, how does it assist you in saving time?

To begin, open this report and navigate to the Opportunities tab. This will display all of the terms where a competitor has a Featured Snippet.

You may browse your competitor's page and examine what makes it unique in the "Featured snippet URL" section. These values might include on-page SEO components, content structure, how it answers a user's inquiry, and other factors that you may have overlooked while using the term "position zero."

Furthermore, this report will show you all of the Featured Snippets you've gained, where you've lost them, and which keywords began or ceased triggering Featured Snippets in your area.

With the ever-increasing volatility of SERPs, you must be adaptable in your approach. 

SEMrush features

8. Local Pack 

The Local Pack is another ‘good to win' SERP feature, especially if your firm works on a local level.

Getting into local packs involves a lot of off-page work, such as optimising your Google My Business page, maintaining accurate and consistent NAP data, and managing citations.

If the Local Pack is an option for you, don't forget to set up your business name for all of your locations so you can see where you got into the Local Packs and where Google didn't include your domain.

When it comes to targeting mobile devices, this is extremely essential. If you find that the spelling of your company name differs from what you have in Local Packs, this is a red indicator that you should go back and double-check the information you supplied in the previous phases.

9. Language of the User Interface

Working as an SEO professional in a bilingual country comes with a lot of obstacles.

Your consumers communicate and seek information in a variety of languages.

To receive the most accurate results, make sure you provide the location as well as the language of your target keywords during the setup step.

This will allow your campaign to track specific language search results as they show in browsers in your chosen area.

10. Makes Tags

Let's pretend we're working on the SEO for an online business that sells sports equipment, apparel, and a wide range of products. We'll be tracking hundreds of keywords for different product categories, regions, seasonal events, genders, ages, and colours in this example. 

Making tags with SEMrush
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You'll need to utilise tags to save your sanity while dealing with a vast and disorganised mess. Assign categories to your keyword groupings so you may categorise them at any moment when reviewing your results.

Tags may be added from the initial setup window (seen below) or from the Position Tracking settings menu at any time while your campaign is ongoing.

Here were the list of the top 10 greatest features of SEMrush hope you ha got the proper information 


So now let's Talk about the Overall features of SEMrush. Here I've just given you the Top 10 greatest features details why you should use SEMrush to improve your content marketing approach. 

SEMrush is important to your goals whether you are an internet marketer, an online company owner, or a blogger since it detects the keywords used by your rivals that earn them the most traffic and identifies better advertising options. 

SEMrush also does in-depth SEO audits to shield you from Google's algorithms and assist you in developing a far more effective link-building plan.


1. What is SEMrush?
SEMrush is an SEO tool that does keyword research, monitors your competitor's keyword strategies, performs an SEO audit of your blog, searches for backlinking opportunities, and much more

2. How accurate the SEMrush data is?
SEMrush was the least accurate tool, underestimating total traffic for all sites by 30% (9.4 million predicted visits vs. 13.4 million actual visits), and underestimating traffic by 42% on average.

3. How do SEMrush works?
Semrush utilises a proprietary algorithm that has been created and improved over time to gather and analyse information from search engine results pages (SERPs).

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